Kit Crafting

The dreaded kits!! I know, I know. If you’re a faithful reader you don’t believe a word of what I say when I tell you this is the year.

But, I’m making progress.

You know, the kits got to a point where they just overwhelmed me. It didn’t bring me joy to see them sitting there, waiting to be created into something. But after going through all of them and coloring images up, I have a renewed excitement to play with them.

There are a few that didn’t make the cut. Those have been disassembled and the parts I like kept. The number of kits in this category is few and far between, but sometimes something just doesn’t move you. Or theme….I just DON’T use get well cards, so I’d rather use the paper and embellishments that will head out my door to a recipient.

Today’s cards come from three of those kits and all have the same theme – birthday.

I think I may have created and posted a card from this first kit before. I love this adorable image! One of the challenge sometime with kits is that I love the papers and the image…but do I really need two similar cards?? Sometimes I like to change it up, color it differently, add it to other papers and see what I get. And this is the result.

This image has been sitting in my stash for quite awhile. I’m not ever sure if it was a kit image or just a swap image. And, when I discovered it, it was sitting there with these three cut pieces of DSP, just waiting to be turned into something. I love the sparkles on the ladybug straps. The perfect card for a little girl with a big birthday in my life.

And finally, you will probably see a lot of this image soon. The kit came with a very generous supply of images and since I like this vendor and this image, I just had to color them all! There weren’t enough papers in the kit to create with them all, so I headed to my craft stash with my already colored image to look for things it would work with. These two papers are not a pattern mix, but they had enough of the green to coordinate and they matched her beautiful dress. Done!

That’s it for today’s projects. But, I’ll be back in a few days with more for you.

Thanks for stopping by!


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