The Halldrons

For Tess.

I am ready to start another family story in The Sims 4. I had a particular idea for this one, using an adult, and then I decided why not back the bus up a bit and raise a younger sim so that I could get them started on a few skills. Well, that lead to just starting with a couple and letting them raise my “intended” sim. So, there is a “goal” in mind with this family. But you’ll have to read along to find out what it is.

Meet Annabelle and Jerry Haldorn. Ready to settle down in the community of Willow Creek. Jerry’s cheerful, self assured and ambitious, with plans to enter law enforcement. Annabelle is good, a real foodie with dreams of starting a family with Jerry. The wedding is scheduled and Annabelle intends to get started on her family right away! Will she be successful? Or will Jerry and Annabelle be left waiting for the pitter patter of little sim feet.

Welcome to their cozy abode in central Willow Creek. Furnished with only the necessities (though quality purchases), there’s enough funds left until Jerry gets into the academy.

Annabelle intends to supplement income with her painting until Jerry can bring home a regular pay cheque.

The next day, Jerry gets word his application to the academy has been accepted. Annabelle finds a job assisting a local artist and gets started on her own portfolio. They were going to save some money for a wedding, but the excitement of what’s to come is just too much to wait. A quick trip to the local park for a moonlit exchange of vows is just the way to celebrate.

Of course, there’s also a quick trip to the observatory to uh…admire Orion’s belt. Shhh!

The day dawns bright. Jerry starts his new career and Annabelle settles in with her art. Quickly, the two are promoted, with Jerry now the rank of Corporal and Annabelle a Hungry Artist trying to get her work recognized with collectors.

A discussion of the dinner table has the couple decide that may be they’ll hold off on their family just a little longer…and start by adopting a puppy from the local shelter. Meet Moose, the newest edition.

But, life has a way of surprising you and Moose is hardly over the doorstep when Annabelle finds out she’s got great news for Jerry!  A baby is on the way!

And so, Jerry , doubles down his efforts at work, hoping to make Detective before baby gets here. And, Annabelle happily continues to work on her art, inspired by the new developments in their life.