The 100 Baby Challenge

The 100 Baby Challenge, for those who might not know, is to have 100 babies in as few generations as possible. Plus, you have the added challenge that you cannot use the same father for any of the pregnancies (twins/triplets are okay). I know right away that this will be a feat and a half. Pregnancy can be horrible on my sims and make some very cranky, very unhappy characters. And, they have to keep up the family responsibilities too. Oy!

But, I’m determined to give it a try. My lucky sim for this challenge is Kate Lovelace.

Below is a summary of the children in the challenge. Gender is indicated next to the baby number and TW indicates twin, while TR indicates a triplet.

Current Baby Count:  50/100, 24 Girls & 26 Boys

Generation 1: Kate Lovelace
Baby 1 (G) – Adelaide (Father, Aiden Lawrence)
Baby 2 (G) – Brianna (Father, Darian Prieto)
Baby 3 (G) – Camille  (Father, Corbin Edgar)
Baby 4 (B) – David (Father, Akito Sakamoto)
Baby 5 (G) – Ella (Father, Scott Garrus)
Baby 6 (B) – Fredrick (Father, Joseph Escamilla)
Baby 7 (B) – Garrett (Father, Cyrus Snider)
Baby 8 (G) – Hattie (Father, Finn Kowalski)
Baby 9 (G) – Ian (Father, Alexander Goth)
Baby 10 (G) – Jin (Father, Naoki Kobayashi)
Baby 11 (GTW) – Kara (Father Rocky Waldron) –
Baby 12 (GTW) – Kyla (Father Rocky Waldron) –
Baby 13 (G) – Lillian (Father Anas El Karmani)

Generation 1 has ended with 13 children (10 girls, 3 boys), with only one set of twins. As Kate has now become an elder, the youngest girl, Lillian will take over the “legacy” of the 100 baby challenge. She’s still a toddler, so stay tuned while we age her up and get her started. Hopefully we have a new crop of father hopefuls in the neighborhood by then.

Generation 2: Lillian El Karmani
Baby 14 (B) – Maguire (Father, Naoki Okada)
Baby 15 (B) – Nixon (Father, James Sierra)
Baby 16 (B) – Oakley (Father, Tracy Trevino)
Baby 17(BTW) – Palmer (Father, Joe Shepherd)
Baby 18 (GTW) – Paisley (Father, Joe Shepherd)
Baby 19 (G) – Quinn (Father, Colton Starks)
Baby 20 (G) – Rani (Father, Kengo Murakami)
Baby 21 (G) – Stanton (Father, Genji Mori)
Baby 22 (G) – Tenley (Father, Blair London)
Baby 23 (B) – Ulysses (Father, Travis Scott)
Baby 24 (G) – Vivienne (Father, Cash Lawton)
Baby 25 (GTW) – Willow (Father, Ayaan Gandhi)
Baby 26 (BTW) – Wilkes (Father, Ayaan Gandhi)
Baby 27 (B) – Xander (Father, Joffre Templeton)
Baby 28 (B) – Yeats (Father, Rylan Kendrick)
Baby 29 (B) – Zoltan (Father, Sage Cardenas)
Baby 30 (B) – Byron (Father, Jason Schuster)
Baby 31 (G) – Scarlet (Father, Bryant Metzger)
Baby 32 (G) – Heather (Father, Gunnar Sylvester)
Baby 33 (BTW) – Braeden (Father, Dustin Gates)
Baby 34 (BTW) – Stanley (Father, Dustin Gates)
Baby 35 (G) – Freya (Father, Kamden Glass)
Baby 36 (B) – Anish (Vivaan Srivastava)
Baby 37 (BTW) – William (Father, Antoine Russ)
Baby 38 (BTW) – Beverley (Father, Antoine Russ)
Baby 39 (G) – Daniela (Father, Angel Cuevas)
Baby 40 (B) – James (Father, Tetsu Shimizu)
Baby 41 (B) – Bingo (Father, Daichi Maeda)
Baby 42 (G) – Georgia (Father, Vincent Sterling)
Baby 43 (B) – Braxton (Father, George Washington)
Baby 44 (G) – May (Father, Emilio Robles)
Baby 45 (BTW) – Sean (Father, German Hughes)
Baby 46 (BTW) – Carl (Father, German Hughes)
Baby 47 (BTW) – Sam (Father, Rangi Kalawai’a)
Baby 48 (GTW) – Sydney (Father, Rangi Kalawai’a)
Baby 49 (B) – Stephen (Father, Brendon Bird)
Baby 50 (B) – Pete (Father, Nelson Orr)

Generation 2 has ended with 37 children (14 girls, 23 boys). This time, we had six sets of twins, including 3 girl/boy sets and 3 boy/boy sets. There were still a few days during which I could have gotten Lillian pregnant again, but I liked finishing this generation at the half way point. Little Syndey will be our new matriarch, as the youngest girl in the family.

Generation 3: Sydney Kalawai’a
Baby 51 (X) – Name (Father, Name)
Baby 52 (X) – Name (Father, Name)
Baby 53 (X) – Name (Father, Name)
Baby 54 (X) – Name (Father, Name)
Baby 55 (X) – Name (Father, Name)
Baby 56 (X) – Name (Father, Name)
Baby 57 (X) – Name (Father, Name)