Beauty in the Unexpected

This was an interesting lesson in artistic creation.

Sometimes when I’m coloring images, I outline the image with a faint blue marker, just to enhance it a bit. On rare occasions, I have also used a soft yellow or pink. Claire has picked up on this technique and often repeats it in her own work.

So one day, she picked up my image and asked if she could have it. And, she added a bright orange border. What am I going to do with this!!! Skies aren’t orange! It’s not a soft accent!

But, she gave it back to me and told me I should use it in a future project. And so, I put on my extra creative hat and decided to see what I could come up with. And here we are.

The papers were left over from some kits and I thought those leaves looked like they were blowing in the wind, just like our little mice. The orange border is a perfect pairing with the orange paper, and the quick add of copper specialty paper (almost a foil) gave it this little shine that added a little “oomph” to it. I love the Taylored Expressions Simple Strips and this one seemed to be appropriate, because if you’re going to be caught at the end of a dragonfly, you might as well have a friend along for the ride!

And that’s all for today!


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