Monthly Image Swap – Catch Up 1

Time for some catch up!! What a year this has been and my Monthly Image Swap card timeliness has been….bad. There is no other word for it.

Happily, for the first time in probably two months, I crafted last weekend!! It was nice to get some things accomplished and while I have a few more to catch up on, it feels good to get a few done!

The first card I was able to complete was the June card from Patti. Patti was supposed to be a July image and I am forever grateful to her for being better organized than me and getting her images ready to go early….she saved my butt. Here is her great image and my card using it.

And the second card I managed to finish was one of the two July cards….happens to be my image! I chose to work with Riley and Company “Rainy Riley”. I love this image and it has always been one of my faves and I felt a need to return to my fave for during this very weird, dysfunctional year. I love this card! It’s so cheery!

Okay, that’s two missing cards done, five more to go (up to September image). I can do it!! If I don’t find craft time this week, for sure I will aim to get caught up on the weekend!

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