Dueling Darlings – Catch Up Post!!

Hey Everyone! Tomorrow is the 15th of the month, which means it’s time for the September duel. And, I WON’T BE LATE!!!! But, before I post September, I better catch up with July and August.

I have hardly crafted through July and August. I had hauled craft supplies out to most camping trips, but just don’t finish what I hope to! And, since we’ve been camping every second weekend, the arrival of kits seems to compete with the available craft time. Ugh!

So, July’s kit arrived just before a trip and came from Barb. She and Tracie chose a humorous theme for their kit. I loved the black and white theme that came with the kit! So much, that I didn’t use a single color on my image. And, I love how it turned out. Thanks Barb, and sorry for being late with your kit!!

August was the 10th anniversary duel. My early August banners arrived and my card was posted for August 1st, but my August 15th kit seems to take the slow route from the southern United States and didn’t get here until the last week of August (I know, how rude!). Thank you to Kelly for her “Mixed Up Cake Party” kit. I ended up being assigned to the Diva’s for the monthly duel and here is my card.

This card will be perfect for the first 10th birthday party that appears in our house. Still more than a year away, but I can’t believe my baby girl is that close to two digits (where does the time go????).

And, now, I leave you all and am off to ready my September 15th Duel post! Thanks for coming.



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