Monthly Project Swap: Techniques

Christmas always gives me a little extra time to patrol the SplitCoast forums, looking for interesting groups to join. This one, I happened to find in early December, but it was just the right challenge I wanted to start off the new year.

There are six of us in two groups, Techniques and Anything But a Card. Every month, one person sends out a kit to everyone else with the materials they need to make the desired project. Sounds cool!

My enthusiastic SCS friend Sonja started us off on techniques and let me tell you, she is a dynamo to follow! She sent the most incredible, thoughtful kit! Her chosen technique was these magicals powders (is that what they’re called?). She sent four samples and one FULL jar of colors, customized to each person. Plus tools and stencils and ideas..oh my!

The first technique I tried putting the powder on watercolor paper and then spritz to make the colors run and blend. I tried this, but over-watered my paper….whoops. I tried it again, this time got a more pebbled look than the running colors of the first attempt.

I wanted to use the image Sonja sent. It was a bit bigger than I wanted, in order to show off my new background, so I trimmed off the stars in the image and added sunshine instead. What do you think?

But this time, my soupy wet mess had dried and….it didn’t look THAT bad. So, I decided to stamp a silhouette image and see what happened. Which lead to a sentiment, and a ribbon…and a VERY nice card!

Lovely techniques, Sonja! It’s a good thing I’m not up until July, because I’m going to NEED all the time I can get to come up with a brilliant idea.


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