Welcome to 2018!

I am so ready for 2018!

Not that 2017 was bad. But with two growing kids with a regular school and activity schedule and all the events that come along with it, a busy work environment and the holiday season, I have barely had time for my haven – my craft desk since late September. And that was only because of my annual scrap retreat (which has been cancelled for 2018 – boo!!).

I’ve seen some crafters with kids disappear from their hobby and blog as their kids grow up. And for a brief moment a couple of days ago I thought “Is this it for me? Do I give it up and sell everything?” But, it must have been that single crazy thought for my crafters brain to wake up and scream “NOOO!!”.

I think part of the problem has been my craft room…it’s a mess. And I don’t work well with mess. I replaced my desk several months ago and, while I love my new desk, it created chaos. My old desk was supposed to be relocated. And it wasn’t. It sat in the middle of the room where my daughter “claimed” it for her crafty endeavors. And so, every time I went to create, I was side stepping and moving around her and her desk and her chair….ugh!

Then came Christmas. And, my craft room becomes the depository for all the shopping bags and so the problem just grew. And grew.

And so on Boxing Day, I stood in the door with my thoughts on giving up. And instead…I reorganized! Claire’s desk has a new home in a proper place. It creates a haven for her that keeps her out of my space, but also encourages her to come and “play” with me. I went through stacks of “stuff” and assigned it to various shelves, I put a new shelve up to hold a few things and I tossed a few items that I know, truthfully, I will never get around to using.

It felt SO good. And it felt like I was ready to take on 2018!

It also gave me time to think about my goals for 2018. So, here there are:

1. Focus – It’s time…for several years now. I’ve talked about getting rid of the mountain high pile of card kits. But, now I have Paper Pumpkin, scrapbook projects, wall art pieces, calendars. Things I WANT to do. And just haven’t gotten around to doing. I am taking the first two months of 2018 – or maybe longer, if needed – to really PUSH myself to get some of those things done. It makes no sense to buy these things and just…hoard them. Time to FOCUS.

2. Enjoy – I love the Design Team work I’ve done these past years. Riley & Company, Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps, Two Paper Divas….but, Design Team work takes lots of work and I’m ready to create for me. JUST me. Re-engage my love of stamping, re-evaluate my collection, re-centre my creative process. Time to just ENJOY.

3. Extend – Every year it seems like I have one of those wishy-washy goals. One that I haven’t quite thought out in full. This is the 2018 version. I’m ready for…something new in my crafting and I haven’t quite figured out what that is for me. New social media format? New technique? One thing I am interested in is checking out this planner stamp trend. I have a brand new, white 2018 planner and I’m going to give it a try. Time to branch out and EXTEND.

4. Challenge – I have SO missed my challenge participation of years’ past. I can’t quite figure out my biggest hurdle, but I want to get back to this. The SCS Featured Stamper Challenge, Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge, Paper Craft Crew Challenge…they have fabulous inspiration and I want to be a part of that. And so, as part of my enjoy goal, I am challenging myself to 52 challenges this year. One a week…what a CHALLENGE.

5. Connect – I have some great crafty friends. Fabulous relationships that I treasure. But, I fear I have neglected them. I have also neglected other areas of my life that used to receive regular cards. And so, 2018 is the year to CONNECT.

Thanks for sticking with me for another year. I am thankful you are here.

A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May it be happy and loving, today and through all the year.




2 responses to “Welcome to 2018!

  1. Good Luck with your goals Heather–I have confidence that you can achieve them!

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