Mystery Image Swap – July 2017

Helloooo!! Didn’t I tell you I’d be back soon with the July image? Believe it or not, as I type this my card is not finished. But, the image is colored up on my desk, so I figure there’s no way I can be late with my usual goal to have it posted by the 26th of the month, right?

The group left the selection of the July image to none other than….ME! Since I got July, am from Canada AND this July ushered in Canada’s 150 celebration of confederation, I decided to make the group work a little with a Canadian image from a Canadian company.

I am so pleased with how this turned out and a little sad I have to send it off. But, I know Sue will enjoy it.

This is “Canadian Friends” from High Hope Stamps. High Hopes was super awesome and wonderful with their support of sharing this image this month, so I thank them and recommend that everyone head over to their site and buy one of their amazing stamps….because they’re worth it.

I will see you shortly with the July image! Thanks for visiting!


One response to “Mystery Image Swap – July 2017

  1. This is soo cute Heather. I really like the woody paper that you used. Great card

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