Mystery Image Swap – March 2017

Look at this, right on time this month! Go me.

This month, Joyce sent us our image. It’s from a new Altenew set called Henna Elements. She also challenged us to use a coloring medium that isn’t my first choice.

Sigh….Joyce. I LIKE my box. It is comfy and cozy and has my beautiful copics inside of it. Anyway, I recently bought some pencil crayons to color in one of my new coloring books and happened to have them out one night, so I decided to use them on my images.

Then I had figure out what I wanted to do with my card. Here’s what I came up with. Like it?

Next month’s image hasn’t arrived yet, but I can’t wait to see what it is. Hope you’ll come back at the end of April to see what the mailman brings me!



2 responses to “Mystery Image Swap – March 2017

  1. The flowers are just pretty!

  2. Great Color choice, Heather. I like how you´ve placed the extra flowers. Just great.

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