Mystery Image Swap – Feb 2017

Here we go with Mystery Image Swap day! Imke kicked off a new year for us last month and this month it’s newcomer Sue’s turn to pick the image for us to work with.

Sue picked “Meow, Meow, Meow” from Unity Stamps for us to work with. She also sent along some of this awesome black and white paper to work with. Here is my creation with her goodies.

After the January cards were posted, I made mention in the SCS group that Claire had been bemoaning the fact that I didn’t leave an image for her to color. Sue picked up on my plight and sent an extra image for Claire to work with. Isn’t that sweet? Claire has been working intently on her coloring and she loves to “craft with mom”, so she was very excited to get to do her very own thing this month. Here is her interpretation of my card:

I love how she gave this kitty blue glasses and differently colored paws. That girl has style!!

I will definitely be back next month, so we’ll see you then. And maybe Claire will join me again too.



2 responses to “Mystery Image Swap – Feb 2017

  1. Both cards are fabulous, Heather. I like your red/black color combi, the red sequins and how you´ve added the twine. Claire´s color choice is also great – i like the girly look and her coloring is fabulous !

  2. Heather, the cards are awesome. You and Claire have fun creating together, I can tell!

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