Riley & Co – November New Release {2}

Hey Everyone!! I am back again with this months New Release over at Riley & Company! Don’t forget that you can get free shipping on domestic orders this week until Sunday. Just enter FREESHIP in the coupon box at checkout.

All week we’ve been featuring projects with the newly released sentiments and five new Mushroom Lane houses. Today I have two cards for you, but they feature the same stamp. I may have gone a bit naughty with this sentiment, so I created a polite version as well (and yes, this was your warning. Proceed with humor, please).

Here is my polite version of this stamp, which of paired with Coffee Riley. I love how the colors turned out in this card!

And now my naughty version? Okay, lets lead with the disclaimer: I am Canadian. I did not have to recently vote for anyone. See where this may be going?

I think I can safely say that there is a large portion of the US, and probably Canada, who were in shock and awe on election night. So many times over this campaign I think we laughed about the possibility that Trump could be the next President. There was a gif image that appeared on Facebook during the election coverage titled “Canada watching the US” and it was from the TV show friends where they are standing at the windows with binoculars.  I think that’s really how we all felt “what are they DOING over there??” LOL. And since I was busy planning my new release cards while I watched the coverage, this emerged from my creative brain:

I hope that whatever side you were on, you find humor in this. It is a Funny Bone stamp, after all. And, I hope President Elect Trump brings proves to be thoughtful in his decision to run and lead the country and brings positive change, wherever that may be. For every opinion, there is an opposite opinion, right?

Back to the purpose of our post today. If you want to see more fabulous (and less naughty) samples, visit the Riley & Company Facebook page, the Riley & Company blog or the blogs of my fellow Design Team members’; they are all listed to the left.

Have fun, moose fans!


One response to “Riley & Co – November New Release {2}

  1. I love that Riley sentiment – so funny!

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