SplitCoast Stamps Falliday Fest {8}

This is my last Falliday Fest post for 2016. I am done! What a lot of hard work, but there were some great challenge posted!

Today you will find all the last cards, with the exception of one posted. One of the challenges was to make a Joy Fold card and I have posted mine tomorrow with my Riley & Company post. We’ll count it today, but please come on back tomorrow and check it out.

This first challenge was an inspiration board challenge. Lots of pinks and blues I loved the board and yet this was another challenge I struggled to get just the right look I was after. I think I scrapped two versions before settling on this one. but, I’m happy with it! The text is a bit hard to see in this picture, but is clearer on the actual card.

There were four card drives with this Falliday Fest. These organizations are collecting donated cards for different purposes. This organization gives birthday cards to kids who have lost loved ones. The card was to have a star or stars on it to represent those lost. I chose to make this colorful card and hope the kids like it!

And, the last challenge of Falliday Fest was to try the salted watercolour technique. I tried this once before and it failed miserably. So, I groaned when I read the challenge. But, this time it actually turned out much better than my previous attempt. Can you see the pearl pen on my cupcake icing?

Finally, the last two tutorials. The first one is another fold technique, the twist gate fold. This looks great, but it’s kind of impractical! Harder to leave a message on. But, it’s fun to see how it come together.

I actually changed this slightly at the last minute and made it a gift card holder. I attached a band inside to hold the gift card tight and attached it shut with velcro.

And finally….finally!! The Copic Bleed Technique. The instructions for this looked SO cool. And it FLOPPED so majorly when I attempted it. Once I had most of the final challenges done, I decided to reattempt it with my main image on a lighter weight of paper. It turned out better. The image on the left is the main coloring page. I put a piece of cardstock under it and the color bled through to that second cardstock. The card on the right is what I made with that second piece of cardstock. Neat, right?

Let’s see, three cards today plus the joy fold one on my blog tomorrow. That means 27…28…29….30!! 30/30 done. And techniques? Ornament Garland, Shaving Cream Technique, Snowman, Twist Gate Fold and Copic Bleed…five done! I am a challenge Yeti. Really. And just in time too.

Thanks for following along!


One response to “SplitCoast Stamps Falliday Fest {8}

  1. I love that you made the twisted gatefold a gift card holder ( that looks so cool) đŸ™‚

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