Mystery Image Swap – June 2016

Hey, hey! I’m back.

This months’ image was sent by Sonja. Since I’m in Canada and many of my swap friends are in the US, I often get my images close to last. It was hard this month because with the chatter in our posting group it was clear that Sonja had a trick up her sleeve and I had no idea what it was!!

Finally, the card arrived. And….confession time….I set it on the back stairs after getting home from work and then forgot it was there. Two days later, I picked up the stack of paper and found the unopened envelope…oops.

Anyway, Sonja’s very unique and wonderful idea was to assign a rose name to each of us. We send these cards to each other, so we have to color the floral image in whatever colors were of the rose that was assigned to our recipient…complicated? Yeah, a little. But cool.

I am sending to Patti this month, so my image was colored like the Big Momma Hybrid Tea Rose. I”m really happy with the way this one turned out and hope Patti loves it!

I’ll be back in with our July image selection soon. I have to get going, since the August image also showed up at my door this week.


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