Card Kits 2016 – #7

Card kit #7 came from Angie. She sent a cute boy themed kit.

This first image of the boy jumping out of the tree house is so cute. Reminds me a bit of something Nathan would do. He hasn’t discovered swinging like this yet, but he’s figured out climbing so imaginative ways to get down can’t be far behind with the way that kid works!

And, this adorable golfer was in the kit too. I found this “enjoy the greenery” sentiment to pair with it. Not quite sure what occasion this card will be for, but we’ll just have to wait and see!!

It seems that my card kit creations have come to a grinding halt. I have the rest of them colored up (except one), but haven’t touched them for a few weeks now. However, I’ve been busy cleaning up some of my June posting requirements and hope to get back to these kits soon. My initial goal was to finish them all in June. Not sure whether that will happen now, but I’d love to have them done before the end of of July!! Stay tuned!



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