Barb & Life’s a Beach!

Near the beginning of January, I posted a bit about how I was going to tackle my resolutions for 2016. Well, it’s been going pretty well. I think I have managed a card out every week and I look forward to pulling the next name from the jar.

The other part of my plan was to tour the blogs of my friends a bit more and use them for inspiration. I also wanted to use up some of the stamp sets that I leave uninked way too often. My plan was to do this every two weeks.

Well, that’s gone a bit slower. For various reasons, I’ve had my hands full. But, I’ve been keeping track of the names/stamps that I pull and it’s on my “to do” list. A few weeks ago, I pulled Barb’s name and my Unity “Life’s a Beach” stamp set. So, off I went to study Barb’s blog and find some inspiration.

Barb is a prolific stamper, so I had much to choose from! I found a layout that caught my eye in her 2015 Review post, her October Shine card. Isn’t it cute? And, lucky for me, it paired well with the stamp set I wanted to use this week too.

Now, she used a few more layers (which is probably why I liked it), but I was keeping this one a bit simpler. However, I love this layout and will probably try it again.

Thanks Barb, for inspiring me this week!


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