In my usual January 1st post, I outlined some of my crafty resolutions for 2016. Some are new, some are old, some are “adjusted”. One of the things I found last year was that I committed to something and said “I’ll make a plan!” and when the plan didn’t get off the ground, neither did the resolution. Send more cards, comment on blogs more often, do more challenges….all things I’ve resolved in the past with limited success.

This year, I cheated. I made my resolution even more generic with the goal of a “personal project”. How undefined can we get, Heather?? But, I did have a few ideas. I just wasn’t sure which idea I wanted to tackle.

Introducing the project jar…

This jar tackles a few goals from years past:

Goal 1 – Send More Cards. The white slips of paper have 52 names on them. Friends, family, co-workers. Every Saturday, my goal is to pull one piece of paper from the jar and send that person a card. Spread a little happiness, use up a few creations, connect.

Goal 2 – Use Forgotten Stamp Sets. The yellow slips of paper have stamp sets written on them (I can’t remember how many). This is pretty random. A quick glance through my drawers at the various sets that I haven’t used in awhile…or maybe haven’t ever used!

Goal 3 – Acknowledge the Inspiration. The blue slips of paper hold 26 names of fellow crafters. I am not very good at commenting, but as a crafter, I know we all like to know people are admiring my work. My way of “commenting” this year is to find inspiration in my friends. CASE one of their creations, mimic their style, love their favorites.

Now, Goal 2 and Goal 3 designed to work together.  Every two weeks (hopefully), I will pull one stamp set and one name. And then create. Some weeks, I may pair the stamp set with the inspiration. Other weeks, I’ll do two separate projects.

Well, now it’s down in writing. Let’s see if I can get past week 1. This week, I pulled Verve Lucky Ducky and Katie from the Two Paper Divas Design Team.

At this moment, I figured I had a flaw in my plan. I just joined the TPD team. Truth be told, I hadn’t even visited Katie’s blog yet! Shouldn’t I start with someone…more familiar? But this is where challenges are sometimes good. You learn, you grow, you surprise yourself.

A visit to Katie’s blog found a number of cool layouts. I also learned that she likes challenges and is a member of the Fusion Challenge Design Team. I spotted this adorable card and decided it was going to be my inspiration piece. I was going to use a Pure Innocence image on it (and use Lucky Ducky on another project), but then I read her most recent post where she commented how much she loves being on the Fusion design team. Well then, I guess a little Fusion is in order.

On the Fusion challenge blog, you get a layout and an inspiration picture. You can use one….or the other….or both together. So, here is my Fusion of Katie’s beautiful layout and my Verve Lucky Ducky stamp set. It’s adorable!

Katie, thank you for providing me with some inspiration this week!


9 responses to “Resolutions

  1. Oh my gosh Heather what a wonderful idea. I so want to do this too! I’m thinking I need to put this on my list of to do’s and get started. You have been quit the inspiration for me this morning. 🙂 Melissa

  2. this could be one of the smartest resolutions I have ever seen… ( and the simplicity means you can do it all year) Love the ducky card too! 🙂

  3. I love all of your resolutions. You are so organized. Love your card.

  4. So very cute!!!! Love the colors and sweet ducks and the pearls are perfect! Feel so flattered you would find inspiration on my blog! Looking forward to being DT buddies. 🙂

    Ps- great resolutions!

  5. Love this idea Heather. You have totally inspired me to try this!

  6. Wow…Heather! Great ideas! Here we are in the card making business and sometimes sending cards, commenting to fellow card makers and usng the long-collected stamp sets are the things we are the worst at or at least get left to the very last! You have inspired many of us! What a great way to start 2016! I’m looking for a jar now!

  7. Love this idea Heather! and that card is just too cute for words even! Love it! xx

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