A Year in Review – 2015

It must have been a good year, because I’m restless to get my annual Year in Review post done. I’m anxious to see how I’ve done with my 2015 resolutions (can I even remember what they were?) and am starting to look forward to 2016.

Can you believe this is year 5 of my Year in Review?? For those of you who may be visiting for the first time, my Year in Review is my final post of the year, where I look back at my favorite cards over the year, one for each month.

2014 saw me out of the craft room a bit more than usual, with a new baby in the house who liked his evening cuddles. But, what a difference a year makes! In 2015, I found my evenings again and am happy to say that I’m pretty sure it was a productive year.

Here’s the highlights…

January 2015 – I think this was the first shaker card I’ve made!

February 2015 – A pinterest CASE. A special card for a friend going through a terrible loss.

March 2015 – What could be more special than 100 years? This was a by-request card that I was so happy to make.

April 2015 – This layout hangs in my son’s room where the entire family enjoys it over and over.

May 2015 – In love with washi! A product I don’t use often, but had fun experimenting with for this card.

June 2015 – I loved the simplicity of this design!

July 2015 – Time to use the Silhouette Came for cardmaking. Had fun making the background for this card!

August 2015 – I LOVE how this one turned out. Two great Riley & Company stamps, one fantastic card.

September 2015 – A stamp and products I had never used before. This is why I join card kit swaps. 😉

October 2015 – I was sad to give this bewitching beauty away! Maybe I need to create another one in 2016? And this card represents my Mystery Image Swap group for the year too.

November 2015 – A very cool background technique resulted in a very cool card.

December 2015 – This image was a lot of work to color and it turned out great! Such fun to work with great images in my Unidentified Image Swap this year!

What a year! Now, part two of my Year in Review post is always a look back at my craft resolutions for the year. How did I fare in 2015?

1. Control the Card Kits: I know, exactly how many years will this take? I’m not sure. I still have too many. They MUST be dealt with. Uh oh….can we just not talk about this one? Okay, I did BETTER. I think my card kit count use got up to 12 kits used. Sigh…there are WAY more than 12 kits in my craft room!

2. Send More Cards: Since this didn’t go so well last year, I need to start with developing a strategy. I’ll report back in the next few weeks with my plan of action. That way, you can all hold me accountable for this. Okay, so there was no plan of action created. That was probably my first error. But, I did send out more cards. I have a lovely swap group that helped and I rejoined the SCS Birthday RAK group. This ones coming back in 2016, readers…but a little more defined. Stay tuned.

3. Focus on Using “uninked” stamps: I’m borrowing this one from a fellow craft blogger. I re-organized my craft room last year and the result was…where did all these stamps come from!?!? Plus, in recent months I’ve found some GREAT deals on some stamp sets and haven’t used most of what I’ve acquired. This year, I want to use some of these and make some hard decisions about what’s staying and what’s going. Has it already been a year since I reorganized?? My craft room is so lovely now. Very easy to find what I’m looking for. Has this made me use them more?? Hard to tell. I can name five sets I’ve used for the first time, I can also name five sets that STILL haven’t been used. Progress? Sure!

4. Love my Blog: This means a) attempting to hit that 100 post mark this year, b) making a “one for my DT, one for me” challenge mandate (in other words, playing other challenges more often) and c) spreading comment love throughout the galaxy more often. Wow, I was ambitious with this one!! First of all, post count was a success. I made the 100 mark! I’m not sure I did the “one for one” goal, but I also joined a couple new teams this year and I’m okay with that! As for comment love, have definitely commented more, but maybe not as ad hoc as I’d like. Keep going, Heather.

Well, that was an interesting reflection. What’s up for 2016? Well, you’ll just have to come on by tomorrow and check it out.

Safe celebrations, friends.



One response to “A Year in Review – 2015

  1. what a fabulous line up! Look forward to designing with you!

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