HYCCT Post 6

Eeek! I’m done! Here are the final 7.

First up, the final missing card. This challenge, called “Mom’s Faves” was to make a card featuring something your mom likes. Well, my mom likes to travel. But, I also know that she likes to travel with friends and family, so I included the “wishing you were here” sentiment.

The “Tough as Nails” was an interesting one, requesting the use of some “contruction” material. I wandered into my husband’s tool room to find something clever to use and caught sight of some green painter’s tape. How does it look?

The “Turn You Loose” challenge sent us off to the tutorials section to use something we’d never used before. I chose the Delft Tile technique.

And then “You’ve Got This” asked for a card of encouragement. Again, my Unity stamps came to the rescue.

The first of the three challenges of the last day of the month was to use roses in the “Stop and Smell the Roses” challenge.

“Orange…you glad?” featured an orange inspiration board. I grabbed multiple sheets of orange patterned paper from my scrap stash and came up with this.

And “The Finish Line”. The LAST challenge. This challenge was to add a hand drawn line crossing an image on your card.

And yes, this image is similar to one from the last post. I made two, in case of a mistake. Didn’t make a mistake with the first one, so why let the second go to waste?

AND……that is IT!! Wow. What an wonderful, exhausting and super fun month!




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