HYCCT Post 5

It is November 3rd. All challenges for HYCCT have been posted, 40 in total. I have ONE more left. Deadline, November 7th. I can do it.

But first, let’s get some more blogged. Last count on my blog was 26 cards. I have 14 more to post for you, which I’m going to share over two blog posts. Here are the first 7 and then when I finish that last one, I’ll post the final 7 together.

The “Stay Centered” challenge was to use the centre of the card for your image. I used this Unity stamp, which I LOVE. My favorite technique to use with it is paper piecing, since I get such colorful dresses.

Next up was the “I Believe in Prayers, Love and Fairy Dust” and was a challenge to feature a fairy image.

The next day had four (yes, four) challenges. One of them is my missing challenge card, so I’ll skip it for now. The other three were:

“Create a Cure”, using the salting technique. This one didn’t turn out very well for me. Not sure why. But, you can kind of see the effect if you look at the card carefully.

“You Are My Superhere” was to make a card with a superhero theme or sentiment. I didn’t have a sentiment, but I did have Super Moose, so here he is.

And, the last one I did for that day was “Strength in Numbers”. The challenge was to use the masking technique to bring people or animals together. I used my Riley stamps again, since I love them so much, and created this fun party.

Next up was the “Rainbows” challenge to make a rainbow somehow on the card. I was going to use different shades of cardstock, but then I found this spare piece of rainbow paper and decided I needed to use it instead.

And, final one for this post is the “Thank Pink” challenge. The challenge was to make a thank you card in shades of pink. Here’s mine!

Okay, we’ve got 33 posted. Let’s get going on that last card and I’ll see you in a couple of days with the last 7!



One response to “HYCCT Post 5

  1. Aweseome Cards, Heather ! My favorite is the last one. Love the monochromatic Colors and the CAS look.
    Just one more ? Way to go !!! You will make it !!!

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