Card Kits

When I got home from my scrapbook retreat a few weeks ago, I was putting all my supplies back in their home and forgot a number of projects I had completed before I left that hadn’t been posted. At the time, I was attempting to use a few of the card kits that I had lying around.

I believe my goal at the start of the year was to use up 26 kits…gotta get going if I’m going to make it. So far, I’ve used four kits (not including the 2 from this year’s Card Shower Swap. I’ve got a ways to go!

This one was a very nice boy themed kit with GREAT papers. I would have made another card from this kit, but some little boy got into my craft room one day and thought he’d pretty up the papers with a little artwork of his own.

This image of the girl on the horse was from another kit, along with the papers. I couldn’t really figure out what theme this girl was, so when I went to make a second card I selected an image I had left over from one of my image swaps. She had already been colored up, but worked great with these papers.

Then there was this pretty paper and kit. She was fun to color! I think I shared the rest of the images in this kit with Claire, since I know she loves ladybugs.

And finally, these images I colored up to match the selection of papers that were in the kit. I wasn’t sure what I thought about this image, but in the end, I think these are a couple of really cute cards!

So, look at that! I’ve doubled the amount of used kits with one post. I’m up to 8, only 18 more to go. Plus, 9 from the Card Kit Shower swap since I promised I’d get those colored up too. Can I do it?



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