Card Shower 2015 – 2

I’m back working on my 2015 Card Shower kits. These cards were made with Imke’s kits.

One of the things I love about these swaps is that I get to play with new images that I’d never otherwise use. Some kits you use up every image provided, other you make a few and move on, others, you struggle to find inspiration with.

For this kit, the image was great, but it was a bit finicky to color, which normally requires me to pull out some patience. I colored up two of the images and then thought “that’s enough!”. But…then I made the cards! Oh boy, I admit, those images are back on my craft desk and will be used again. They’re fantastic!

At first, I struggled a bit with these cards. I admit, I googled the name of this set and took some inspiration from the cards posted there. So if one of these layouts look a bit familiar to you, thanks for the ideas!

Here is my first creation. These papers were fun to play with!

And here is the second creation!

Thanks Imke! Great kit.


One response to “Card Shower 2015 – 2

  1. Both Cards are fabulous, Heather. My favorite is the second – love the purple on it. Great that you have fun at the end with these Images and my kit. Hugs to you !

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