Riley & Company Tickle My Funny Bone

It’s Day 2 of our Inspiration Week with Riley and Company, celebrating the release of 42 Funny Bones stamps, 11 Inspirations stamps and 4 brand new images. But, it’s also our regular inspiration day where the Design Team posts for you some inspiration around a specific theme.

Today, we’re celebrating those stamps that give you a giggle and using a FunnyBones sentiment in celebration of National Tell a Joke Day on August 16th.

Today, since it’s New Release week, I have two cards for you. The first uses an older stamp in the Riley & Company store, but the inside is all new. And it pairs perfectly.

First, here’s the outside:

And what do you have if you’re blessed with awesome brains and physical attributes? Pretty much everything!! All you need is a little…

And, this here’s a good joke for your National Tell a Joke Day enjoyment. This is another sentiment that can easily decorate both the outside and inside of your card by separating it into two pieces.

And, here’s the punch line on the inside:

Okay, you know the drill. Eight Design Team members, eight hops to check all the goodies out. You’re already done one, so get going!!




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