Welcome to 2015!

Well, Happy New Year, everyone!

Only a few hours ago I was madly trying to finish my Year in Review before the stroke of midnight and now I’m up (way) too late and giving thought to my crafty goals for this year.

First, here’s the leftovers from last year:

1. Control the Card Kits: I know, exactly how many years will this take? I’m not sure. I still have too many. They MUST be dealt with.

2. Send More Cards: Since this didn’t go so well last year, I need to start with developing a strategy. I’ll report back in the next few weeks with my plan of action. That way, you can all hold me accountable for this.

And, some new goals to add:

3. Focus on Using “uninked” stamps: I’m borrowing this one from a fellow craft blogger. I re-organized my craft room last year and the result was…where did all these stamps come from!?!? Plus, in recent months I’ve found some GREAT deals on some stamp sets and haven’t used most of what I’ve acquired. This year, I want to use some of these and make some hard decisions about what’s staying and what’s going.

4. Love my Blog: This means a) attempting to hit that 100 post mark this year, b) making a “one for my DT, one for me” challenge mandate (in other words, playing other challenges more often) and c) spreading comment love throughout the galaxy more often.

Well, that’s only four for this year (good thing I’m doing this late when my brain isn’t as sharp). It’s obvious seven last year were too many, so let’s just see where I go with these four.

And, onward with 2015!


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