Claire’s Art

It’s been awhile since Claire has been in my craft room. But since I’ve been home on vacation for a few days, I’ve been in my craft room more when she’s up and consequently, she wants to be there too.

I made a hanging sign for an upcoming project (to be posted on my blog later) and Claire found it. “Claire’s??” she asked me?

I wasn’t ready to give it up, so decided to make one of her own together.

Claire chose the papers, the color of the letters, the stamps and the ribbon. I tried to convince her that the rhinestones should be in other locations, but her vision seemed to including have them right on the images. She was also pretty firm that both images should be orange. Hey, it’s her art! Who am I to criticize?

I’ve hung it on her bedroom doorknob, but it doesn’t stay there very often. She loves it and likes to carry it around with her.

Just this morning, she found my version sitting on my craft desk so of course she HAD to go up to her room and get hers too. 🙂 Gotta love that kid!




One response to “Claire’s Art

  1. Aww…. so cute!

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