Christmas Cards 2013

Finally getting around to working on my Christmas cards. I really did have plans to work on them through the year, but…nope.

Then, I was debating – actually debating – just buying cards this year. But that seemed so….wrong! So, I decided to sit down last week and get to work.

I must give credit to some talented people who helped me with these. I don’t know them personally, but in an effort to get my crafting going, I resorted to finding inspiration from Pinterest. Unfortunately, I can’t name everyone by name. Some pinterest pins were just images, not from the original blog. So, if this card looks like something you designed…thank you! I loved it. 😀

These two were inspired by a card using slightly different stamp sets. The one on the right is closer to the original, but I couldn’t decide which sentiment to use, so I played it up a bit. I also had two green card bases left over from another card, so both a green and white version were created. The rhinestones on the green snowflakes were my addition as well.

This one was actually my creation. After doing so many cards, I felt a little inspired last night to go “free form”. No inspiration, no challenge. Just fun. I wanted to use a couple of patterns and this old SU rub-on sentiment, so this is what I came up with.


2 responses to “Christmas Cards 2013

  1. Gorgeous. What stamp is that on the first card?

  2. Tania, it’s an SU set called “Warm Winter Wishes”. The original card I saw used a different snowflake set, so it’s a pretty versatile design. I don’t know the name of the “original” set.

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