Baby Cards

I took a few card kits with me with the goal of getting my pile of kits down to a more manageable level. I think I got through three of four of them. Not bad, but I need to keep going.

This one was from my Secret Sister Card Kit swap on SCS. The kit was dated February 2012. My memory must be going, because I can’t remember who sent it to me way back then. But, I sure do like the Hanna Stamps image they sent!

Here are the three cards I made out of the kit:

This first one used the cute little B-A-B-Y beads that were in the kit. I had a heck of a time stringing them onto the ribbon, but finally got that to work. They interested Claire a bit too much, because she tried to pull them off while I was taking pictures. Luckily, I caught her in time.

I had so much fun coloring these images. Here is one with some green ribbon and a pretty yellow flower.

And one more. This one was supposed to turn out similar to the one above, but the sentiment didn’t quite get on there straight, so I just decided to turn the image a bit and fixed!!


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