Unidentified Image Swap Round 9

I just wrote this post out and then lost it somehow. Don’t you just hate that?

Anyway, it’s August 10th..Unidentified Image Swap posting day. I love this day. Each round lasts 2 months on on posting day you finally get to see what others did with the image!!

For me, this image was a slight challenge, but a welcome one. I wanted to challenge myself a bit, so I pulled out my brayer. Well, first color combo didn’t float my boat. Managed to get four looking beautiful and then couldn’t find the last image!! Whoops, it stuck to another one during my cutting process and I ruined it. So, four look like this card here (the ones I sent away) and the one I kept for myself was slightly different. Still beautiful, but not QUITE as good. That’s okay.

Can’t wait to see the next image!


4 responses to “Unidentified Image Swap Round 9

  1. What a great idea to brayer the sentiment. Very clever!

  2. I loved that you “colored” your image. I agree great idea to brayer it. Love the different layers.

  3. Love how you colored the sentiment and the dainty die you used!

  4. What a great card!! Love your creativity….very clever to use the brayer…the outcome is stunning!

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