Crazy 4 Challenges

I’m still crafting away with Tess. Two cards in less than 2 hours must be some kind of record for us.

My challenge was not as creative as Tess’. I picked five challenge sites and let Tess pick a number. The winning challenge site was Crazy 4 Challenges where this week we are asked to use triangles on our project.

I grabbed some random “parts” from my desk and started with an idea…and it went very astray from that! I used neither my idea, nor my “parts”.  But, I do love the result.

I started off by picking up some More Mustard flowers and a length of teal ribbon. Then I found this patterned paper and added burgundy. I was going to put the teal triangles into another shape, but when I was cutting them they landed on my desk in a row and I thought….”hmmmmmm”. And that’s where my idea went astray.

I love that the embossing added a bit of a weathered look to my teal triangles. Then, since the card was looking kind of funky monkey, I wanted a unique stamp. I ended up finding this “Wish Big” sentiment, which I like, but have so much trouble using it.

The More Mustard flowers got put back on the desk, but a bit of the teal ribbon made it into the final product.

Okay, I’m having too much fun. What are we doing next, Tess?


One response to “Crazy 4 Challenges

  1. NICE! I love that color combo!!

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