Oh, My Poor Neglected Blog

How I miss you. I’d love to be here more often, but this Mommy thing really takes a time commitment. Who knew!?! 🙂

Claire is growing fast. In less than a month she’ll be a year old. The day she turned 11 months my “elaborate first birthday party gene” kicked in and I’ve started thinking up ways to celebrate. Nothing’s too good for my little girl!

In the meantime, I’m picking at my crafting desk when I can. I miss it dearly, but wouldn’t miss a second of her  tea parties, crawling races, hugs or “dider” songs (translated: Itsy Bitsy Spider).

It’s not that I don’t get any crafting done, but the combination of creating, taking pictures and blogging the result is time consuming and doesn’t always happen in the same day.

This card was for the Viva la Verve challenge blog. Yup, still playing along with those challenges!! This month there’s five. Cross my fingers I can get them done.

Here is Week 1:



One response to “Oh, My Poor Neglected Blog

  1. This is so pretty..love how you did your ribbon.

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