Unidentified Image Swap Round 5

Today is the end of another round of the Unidentified Image Swap. Jeanette was the host for this round and she picked this adorable snowman image. It’s from a stamp company called Darcie’s.

I thought my biggest challenge in this round was coloring my snowman the right color and then finding paper that would look right with it. I had a design idea in my head…I just had to make it come together on paper! In the end, I had more challenges than that!!

My light blue copics ran out of ink, then I over-filled one filling it up and had to be really cautious in my coloring not to gloop (yes the technical term) ink all over the place. Ruined one image, but managed to get five good ones done. Then, I cut the pieces of my card out and went to assemble…cut the wrong size of one shape out and had no additional paper in that color, so I had to revise the plan slightly. Ugh!!

Do you like the puffy snow I added?

Then, once they were done, I went to seal up my package for mailing and found that I’ve run out of US currency for the postage, so I’ll have to go make a trip to the bank or currency exchange place before I can get this sent.

Despite that, I like my card and I can’t wait to see what others did!


6 responses to “Unidentified Image Swap Round 5

  1. Heather–this card s so cute! I love the colors and the layout is perfect. I think the puffy snowflakes are sweet! Love the button and ribbon combo–you’ll see why when you check out my card!

  2. Love the colors and layout – and how you used the puffy paint!! Looks SO neat!!

  3. I love it Heather!!! So much that I have asked Jeanette if I coud have one ☺
    Your card turned out so cute….and I never would have known you had any road blocks creating them!!

  4. Super cute. Love the blue shading in the snowman! Well done!

  5. Well, for all of your trials, these cards turned out great! I love the colors and the puffy snow!

  6. Heather, love the colour combo and specially those snowflakes!!! CUTE!!!

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