Craft Gals Copy Cat Challenge

If you didn’t see my post two days ago, check it out here before you read this one.

Alright, so as you know (or now know), the Crafty Gals challenge for December was to CASE (essentially copy, with some modifications) another Crafty Gal’s card from March 2012. I said I’d be back to tell you who I “copied”.

I picked Lela!!! I loved this card she made back in March. Now, when you CASE, you generally change up something. For me, I decided to turn her layout 90 degrees and I also changed up the colors.

And, I enjoyed MY card so much that I made another one later that day in a Christmas theme. Here it is:

This one I went back to her layout orientation (and her colors, I guess), but changed the placement of the bows and flowers and the theme.


2 responses to “Craft Gals Copy Cat Challenge

  1. WOW, this is soooo pretty! I love your embossed panel with the sentiment stamped on it, lovely case!

  2. This is so cute! Great card 🙂 Great Gal to CASE too 🙂

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