The Craftiness Continues!

More HYCCT Challenges today!!

This next challenge was to make a card inspired by a show tune or movie. I had to dig out my new Riley & Company “Three Muskateers” stamp. This stamp was actually my idea. Every once in awhile, Riley & Company asks for ideas from their Facebook fans. If your idea is picked, you get the stamp free! I was super excited to find out they had picked this idea. It’s so cute!!

This card was for the challenge “Vital Signs”. The challenge was to use something inspired by the four vital signs…heartbeat, temperature, blood pressure and breathing.  I chose heartbeat…or “heart” and used these cute heart embellishments on my desk. I love the glossy black background on this card.

There was also a challenge to make a shaped card…no circles, squares or rectangles. Hard!!!!! So, I thought up this cupcake. I kinda ran out of ideas to decorate it, but it’s cute anyways.


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