100 Cards…Nearing the Finish

I’m writing this post late Friday night. Tomorrow is the last day of the 100 Card Challenge. Did I make it? Yesterday, I posted card #86. That’s still 14 cards from the finish line. A long ways.

But, I sat down at my craft desk late Friday and set to work. After only a couple of hours, I managed to continue on with my “Doo-Dads” addiction and make a few more cards. Here they are…

Addiction #3: Doo-Dads, Step 3

For some reason, those cute embellishment displays at Micheal’s always sucker me in. I try to resist!! But on days when resistance is futile, I get those sticker embellishments home and then I don’t do anything with them! After a few years, I have a small pile sitting in my crafting cubby. Time to get rid of some stuff.

These dragonfly stickers were finally put to use and I love the way they turned out. I think the “Thank You” card is my favorite.

Addiction #3: Doo-Dads, Step 4

This boat sticker came from a package (on clearance!!) that I intended to use for baby cards. But, babies come and come again and I go to my stamp pile instead of the embellishment pile. Finally, these stickers have been used.

Addiction #3: Doo-Dads, Step 5

Stamps with Umbrellas. Coffee Themed Stamps. Cupcakes. I think that pretty much sums up some of my stamping addictions. Despite the fact that I have a pretty cupcake stamp that could pretty much replicate these stickers, I still had to have them. Glad they’re finally put to use.

Addiction #3: Doo-Dads, Step 6

These adorable ladybugs actually did get used…a couple of years ago. But, two lonely ladybugs remained after that creation and have sat waiting for their day. And here it is. (I must admit, I might be tempted to buy these lady bugs again if the opportunity arose. Let’s hope it doesn’t).

Okay, so that’s five cards, right? That would take me to…87, 88, 89, 90, 91!!!! Only nine more cards to go. One more day.

I can do it. I can do it.

But first, some sleep.

100 Card Count: 87-91/100


One response to “100 Cards…Nearing the Finish

  1. These are all great Heather….the last one is my FAVE!!!!

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