100 Cards, 100 Days

Well, can you believe 100 Days has passed? On June 1st, I joined Mindy’s challenge (from SplitCoast Stampers) to make 100 cards or projects in 100 Days.

I started with a card of encouragement using a stamp from one of my favorite companies, Riley and Co, and I’m going to end my 100 Days by returning to my Riley Stamps.

That’s how I feel. Way 2 Go!!!

I didn’t quite make 100 cards. I’m 8 short of my goal. But, I wanted to post this celebration anyway.

When I started this challenge, I didn’t think I would get anywhere near the 100 cards. I planned to use today to celebrate what I did finish…and then keep going. Since I was SO close, I was tempted not to post this card today and just finish the 100 off and then post….but that’s not what I said I’d do. To me, it was important to celebrate ALL that I accomplished within those 100 days.

I fell in love with my card kits, used some tricky RAK images and cleaned my doo-dad pile up a bit….I’ve got lots more to do. So stay tuned!

I’ll be back hopefully this week, with those final 8 cards. Don’t let me forget!

100 Card Challenge: 92/100


4 responses to “100 Cards, 100 Days

  1. Congratulations, Heather! 92 cards is a major achievement đŸ™‚ I made it to 100 in time, but I didn’t really enjoy making the last few. I think doing it your way would have been a much better idea. Like you, I didn’t think I’d get to my goal and I was happy just to have rekindled my love of stamping, while using up some of my stash. Meeting new friends was just the icing on the cake! Looking forward to seeing the final few.

  2. Awww, too cute! I love that image. đŸ™‚

  3. Only 8 short???. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!. You did it!!!. My goodness i couldn’t do that…congratulations!!!

  4. Oh how cute! Love the layout & colors….TFS!!!

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