Dare to Get Really Dirty

I’ve been continuing the Dare to Get Dirty challenges. These cards are super cards! LOL. Very unlike me to combine challenges, but with these I managed to get 5 challenges into each.

The five challenges for this first one were a sketch, a couple of themes and a challenge to use a particular shape. I love the bright colors in this one and I’m already planning to send this fun card out the door to some friends. Hope they like it!

This card also used a sketch challenge as well as a color challenge, plus a theme, shape and technique challenge in it. I love how these really unique (and striking) papers came together.

Still a lucky 13 challenges to go. But, I have three days to finish them up, so hopefully I luck out and get them done. Whatever I do get done, I’ll post for you on Monday. Tomorrow I have for you my Crafty Gals Blog Group August challenge.

100 Card Challenge: 55-56/100


One response to “Dare to Get Really Dirty

  1. Way to combine challenges! I did 4-fer and a 5-fer myself last night. 🙂 I only have about 23 left. Stoopid Day Job.

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