100 Cards – One Paper, Two Looks

I mentioned yesterday that I had one more “It’s a Stretch” card for you. I was going to make two more using some scrap paper I had left, but I couldn’t figure out a creative way to put those long images onto the card, so I abandoned it for another image instead for the second card.

So, here’s the final “It’s A Stretch” card. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like this card as I constructed it, but coming back to it this morning, it’s grown on me!

And, since I’ve moved onto a new image (I love Penny Black!), I’m calling this one Addiction #2: RAK Images, Step #9.

100 Card Count: 42-43/100


4 responses to “100 Cards – One Paper, Two Looks

  1. Heather, beautiful cards!!!. Love the second card’s image… so so cute!!!

  2. Both of these are beautiful. Love that design paper.

  3. these are both super adorable! Great job!!! Love those colors!

  4. Pretty cards, Heather. I like the cheerful colors !

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