“Journeys” VSN, Day 2

Back again with Day 2 of the VSN challenges. These were posted yesterday, Saturday. All together, there were 12 challenges posted but I was only able to get five cards done. Still, that’s pretty good!

Challenge F: Stamping Journey

For this challenge, we were asked to focus on our stamping journey.  You know, those forgotten techniques, trends or maybe just your style that’s adapted over time. We were asked to go back through or SCS gallery and select a card to recreate.

I was surprised, there wasn’t too much that I was really unhappy with. I probably deleted them or didn’t post the, because I know they are there somewhere!! In the end, I picked this card…..

which I made back in 2010, also for a VSN, coincidently. I focused on the layout. I didn’t like the way I did the ribbon (looks unfinished) and the placement of the two yellow squares (too small).  Here is my re-creation:

Notice the bow and larger square piece? Love the bright colors of this new card.

Challenge H: Baby’s Journey

This challenge wasn’t too hard. The challenge was to make a baby card with “movement”. A stroller, stork, mobile….the image had to have something to do with movement. I used my Tina Wenke stamp that I haven’t used very much. I’m quite happy with the way this card turned out.

Challenge K: Empty Nesters

This challenge used the theme of the “nest” and asked us to incorporate weaving into the project. How cool is that?!? I used ribbon scraps (yay, the pile is smaller) to make this simple card.

Challenge N: Don’t Stop Believin’

This was my hosted challenge!! When I thought of “Journeys”, the VSN theme, I started humming the Journey song….but how to make it into a challenge?

I decided to take the title and challenge my fellow crafters to make a card of encouragement. Here is my card:

The “grow where you are planted” sentiment made me think of encouraging someone to do something great with what they have or are. Kinda like the “have lemons, make lemonade philosophy”.

Remember when I said the card I posted Friday was for this challenge? See, it’s positive message was encouraging, but I like this sunny bright card better for this challenge!

Challenge O: The Ultimate Journey

This was a cool challenge. The challenge host felt her ultimate journey would be a cruise, so she found a “cool” looking cruise ship and asked us to make a card inspired by the image. Here is the chosen ship, the “Norwegian Pearl”.

And, here is my card! Can you tell that I used the ship for inspiration?!? Hopefully!!

100 Card Count: 18-22/100


6 responses to ““Journeys” VSN, Day 2

  1. These are all fabulous cards. I didn’t manage to play along this weekend, but you were flying the flag for 100in100 in true style.

  2. Very cool! I can definitely see the cruise ship in your last card.

  3. Wow Heather, you did great with that ship as inspiration!!!

  4. wow girl, you sure have been busy. All of these are fabulous.

  5. Love ’em all…very cool!

  6. WOW! Each of your cards are lovely!!!

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