100 Cards – Mixin’ It Up

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ADDICTION #1: Card Kits, Step #9:

Step 9 already. Only three more steps in my card kit addiction before I’m moving on to something else. I can’t say that these 12 steps are ridding of my addiction – oh no, there are plenty more kits where those came from! But, it is teaching me that these kits are fun to use and that I should dive into them more often and play around….quit hoarding them!!!

Rarely, but sometimes, the kits don’t move me. I have to admit, there was one kit that I picked up for these 12 steps that didn’t make it very far. The papers, the images…just not my style. And sometimes, I love parts of the kits, but not all of it. So, I mix it up!

These papers in this card came with a cupcake image that was pretty cute, but when I was studying the papers, I decided that I wanted to do something else with it.

This umbrella image was from a second kit whose papers I did not like. So, fun image plus great papers equals one adorable card!! I loved this layout and card so much, I actually did a second one for you, which I’ll post tomorrow.

100 Card Count: 13/100


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