May Crafty Gals Challenge

Happy 5th of May! Time for another Crafty Gals challenge.

The Crafty Gals are my blog group over at SplitCoast Stampers. We’ve formed as a group back in November 2011 and I’m impressed that we’re still going strong!!! It’s great to have their inspiration and support.

Every month, we have a group challenge, created by one member of the group. This months challenge was designed by Tracie. Tracie wanted us to “Celebrate Those Who Love Us” with a card for someone special. Our card was to include: 3 layers, 2 embellishments and 1 sentiment.

I decided to make a Mother’s Day card. Not sure yet which Mother will receive the card (my mom or my mother-in-law), but both are tremendously important women in my life and have been extra-awesome helping us out since Claire arrived. I have a whole new appreciation for Mothers Day this year, not just because I’m one now, but because I have a stronger understanding of the love Mothers feel for their children. It’s pretty awe-inspiring.


There are 11 members of The Crafty Gals blog group and links to all their blogs are in the menu on the right-hand side of my blog. Take a hop, skip and jump through their blogs and check out their projects too. I promise it will be fun and inspiring!! They’re a pretty crafty group!! 😉


8 responses to “May Crafty Gals Challenge

  1. Love the colors and the quilt work pattern. So motherly! Great job!

  2. wow, how awesome. I just love the quilt pattern.

  3. Your card turned out great! I really like the quilted look….very nice!

  4. Very pretty card Heather!!!. Love that quilty paper and that stamp!!!

  5. This is such a pretty card Heather–love the quilt pattern!

  6. I love the colors and your ribbon treatment! Great card 🙂

  7. Love the colors and all the patterned paper layers! Great Card Heather

  8. Diane Clark-Sutton

    Great way to use those scraps. Nice job coloring the main image.

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