A Christmas Card

Yes, I know it’s not December. But last year I made it a point to work on my Christmas cards throughout the year, rather than being rushed to get them done at the end of the year.

By the time December 1st rolled around, I had about 60 cards ready to go and had them addressed and mailed the first week of December. Whoo hoo!! It felt sooo good.

So, I’m determined to continue the trend this year.

I’m participating in some Christmas Card Challenges on SplitCoast Stampers set up by members of a group I’ve been swapping and chatting with. Among the group, we each get a turn to host a weekly Christmas card challenge. The challenges are set up for Fridays and most of the member seem to be working ahead and posting their projects right away. I’m choosing to wait and post my projects as the designated week comes up. That way, I have some posts scheduled ready to go during the weeks I may be busy.

The first challenge was to make a Christmas Card using a tree, branch, leaf or bush image. I had a couple ideas rolling through my head, but in the end I made this card with Stampin Up’s “Lovely as a Tree” stamp set.

I always seem to reach for red and green when I’m doing Christmas cards, so it was nice to work with a couple of different colors – dark blue and sand. I also love the contrasting brightness of the white sentiment and pearls on the card. The glitter’s pretty fun too!


5 responses to “A Christmas Card

  1. This is very pretty. You will be set for next Christmas at this rate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love this one. Especially the white embossed sentiment.

  3. Cute card–I do like the colors.

    Did you stitch are the trees or is that a fuax stitching?

  4. Oooo, very pretty! the kraft makes the card pop! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great card Heather!!!. I’m doing that too. I already started with my Christmas cards. Didn’t enjoy this last year rushing with them. Love that stamp, I thought of using it tomorrow for a challenge as well.

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