My Scarlet Tanager Arrived!!

When I got home tonight my mailbox was full of parcels. I was excited to see that the return address on one of the packages was from my father-in-law….

My Scarlet Tanager had arrived!!!

I have a very talented father-in-law. Over the years, we’ve received a number of “art mail” packages, as I like to call them. Some show up out of the blue with messages written on the back. Others we’re given warning about and excitedly wait, planning what wall it will grace. Before Christmas, he painted a series of birds. I fell in love with this Tanager and pretty much claimed it as my own. 🙂 Lucky for me, he agreed to send it to me (I’m pretty sure he took pity on the pregnancy hormones).

Well, today it arrived and it’s even better in person! I love the rich red bird on the blue background (my favorite color) and the wing feathers on the bird actually look like they’re ruffling in the breeze. It brings a smile to my face!

Here’s my new bird:

Thanks, Dad B! I LOOOVEE IT!!!


2 responses to “My Scarlet Tanager Arrived!!

  1. This is gorgeous, the colors are so rich.

  2. You are so welcome! I am really glad you like it! Even more exciting for me – I look forward to that new baby bird that you will give to the world shortly.

    lots of love, (dad) B

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