2011 in Review

One of the ladies in my Crafty Gals Blog Group suggested posting a review of your favorite cards for the year. I’ve seen this done before and it’s a great idea! It was really interesting going back through my posts of the year and seeing what I did, as well as seeing those months that my blog got neglected (poor February!!).

At the same time, I recall last year making a post about my goals for the coming year. Did I meet my goals? I think I’ll have to take a walk back in time and see how it looks.

But first, here are my favorites from each month in 2011:












I did a quick count and I had 103 posts in 2011 with 103 cards and about 10 “other projects” (boxes, gift card holders, mini albums). I also participated in about 85 challenges throughout the year, not counting the Christmas Card Challenge and each individual VSN challenge. That’s pretty good!!

What about my 2011 goals?

Well, I wanted to keep my blog updated more regularly. I made almost as many posts in 2011 as 2012, but I have a feeling that, like 2010, they were a bit sporadic.

I also wanted to clean up my unused and unwanted craft supplies and finish my “Use it Up” challenges. Not to be confused with “Use it Tuesday”, these challenge were the color combination challenges I started in 2010 using the retired paper colors. Unfortunately, I don’t think I did a single “Use it Up” challenge last year. However, I did do plenty of purging of my craft supplies and feel pretty good about what I’ve got on my shelf currently.

Next goals were to make more Christmas cards through the year and participate in more challenges. Done and….done!! The SCS Christmas Card Challenge was SOOOO nice! I had all of my card done by the end of November!! No scrambling to get them done before Christmas. And, with 85 challenges done, I think I can safely say I met that goal!!

And that concludes the year! Now I need to give thought to my goals for 2012. Come back tomorrow and see what I hope to be up to in 2012.

Oh, and before you go….have a very safe and happy New Year. I hope you spend it with someone special to you. And if you’re out partying, remember to do so responsibly. Let’s make sure we all have our loved ones to enjoy for another year. 🙂


2 responses to “2011 in Review

  1. Great review. I enjoyed going back and looking at your cards.

  2. Happy New Year!!

    Great cards.

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