New Tutorial: Gift Card Holder

I had a request for instructions for my gift card holders, posted for the Use It Tuesday challenge on December 12th.

I put a quick tutorial together, with pictures, and hope it helps you pretty up those last minute Christmas gifts! I can’t take credit for the whole idea (I saw it somewhere on this big wide web), but these particular instructions are my very own, as I often modify and customize my projects based on what suits my needs. For that reason, I’ve included some tips on customizing the holder to your particular needs.

You can find the tutorial under the “Tutorials” link in my main menu bar. Or, just click this direct link to the Gift Card Holder tutorial.

Let me know if you run into problems. I’d be happy to help!

I’ll also get a tutorial for the boxes done in the next little while. The two boxes are based off of the A2 Card Box Tutorial and Mini Pizza Box Tutorial, both on SplitCoast Stampers. But again, I have a habit of changing the sizing to suit my needs, so I’ll give you a quick tutorial on how I accomplish that.

Happy Christmas preparations, Stampers!!


One response to “New Tutorial: Gift Card Holder

  1. Thanks for posting the tutorial. Maybe I can make one before Christmas.

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