Winter Wonderland VSN – Post #1

It’s been awhile since I’ve played the Virtual Stamp Night (VSN) challenges on Splitcoast Stampers. Their “main” event is in early December, but the mini night is tonight and I’m playing along with Tess. Our virtual crafting this time is a bit more realistic, since she’s WAAAAAYYYY over in another province (practically another time zone, but not quite) instead of just across the City.

As you can see, this is only post #1. It’s hard to say how many posts I’ll end up with. There are six challenges posted tonight, but sometimes I don’t always have time to post a picture between challenges, so I might come back and throw them all up here for you later.

The first challenge of the evening I actually got a late start on and skipped (for now). I’ll come back to it later.

So, the second challenge of the evening was called “A Marshmallow World”. The challenge was to make an all-white card with something shimmery or glittery. And this was my creation for the challenge.

As you can see, I bent one of the rules a bit. We were allowed to have a colored image on the card, but no other color. I hate using my white cardstock as a card base (it just seems too flimsy), so I had to use a yellow base instead. I just couldn’t feel good about my creation without that proper cardstock weight.


One response to “Winter Wonderland VSN – Post #1

  1. very very pretty! cute image….I’m working on some Mini VSN cards today since I didn’t get to play yesterday 🙂

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