Mini Albums

I learned how to make these mini albums at a Stamp Club meeting last fall. I decided they’d make great Christmas gifts and made about 10 last Christmas for friends and family. I was telling someone at work about them and he told me how much he’d like to have a scrapbook, so I agreed to make one of his trip to Africa last summer.

I ended up with a whole CD of pictures. I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to get the entire holiday into one book, so I made two albums. The albums were both pretty similar (slightly different color layout, but same colors and patterns), but one focused on “Adventure” (rafting, bungee jumping, his safari, etc) and the other focused on what I called “Beauty” (flowers, waterfalls, the sea, etc).

I was so happy with the way the albums turned out. I think they were a great representation of his trip and when I gave him the books today, I think he thought so too. Because the photos aren’t of me, I didn’t want to post a lot of the album here, but I can show you a few pictures.

Here are the fronts of the two albums. I found a picture where my co-worker had written “Africa 2010” in the sand, so I used it for the title page. I used Basic Grey’s Pyrus patterned paper for the project.

This is the first page on the inside of the “Beauty” album. Aren’t those flowers gorgeous. When I showed my co-worker the album today, he said the green flower in the top right (the one with a bit of a glare) was one of his favorite flowers he saw on his trip. I’m so glad I picked the right photos for the project.

And the final page I’ll show you is some of the aerial shots that he took from a plane and that little flying glider thing you see in the picture. Doesn’t it look beautiful there?

I really enjoyed making these albums. They were a lot of work, but worth it!

Thanks for looking!


4 responses to “Mini Albums

  1. You are such a good friend! I don’t know that I could make an album for someone else! That BG paper could not have been more perfect, either! Love it!

  2. Heather, these are beautiful!

  3. You did a beautiful job. I’m sure he will cherish these books for years to come!

  4. Consider them already cherished…..
    I seriously couldn’t say more……the only thing more amazing than Heather’s work is the smile on my face.

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