Shopping Our Stash Challenge

I think I mentioned this new challenge blog in a post a couple of weeks ago – Shopping Our Stash. This brand new challenge blog is just getting started and spreading the word about their site, so before they kick off their official challenges they’re introducing their new design team with a challenge for everyone to show them your crafting space. You can win some wrinkled seam binding from Prairie Bird Boutique just by playing along.


I always need new ribbon (or so I think), so how can I not resist playing along.

This is my main craft space, a desk I got from a friend when she moved. It’s great. Lots of little drawers for storing stamps, adhesive, embossing supplies, and whatever else I shove into the drawer. I like to have most everything out in the open where I can see it, so much of my main crafting stuff is on this desk and in my line of sight.

My favs? My ribbon boxes (custom made, I might add), my new embellishment holder (LOVE IT!), my craft mat, my ever handy ATG tape gun dispenser.

As you can see, I keep my desk pretty clear. The pile of stuff at the top of my craft mat are rejects from previous cards that I just MIGHT use again, so I keep them handy just in case.

Now I introduce you to my Creative Director, Checkers. This is his usual post on my craft room. My craft room is actually our spare bedroom, so when guests aren’t around the bed is typically covered with supplies I think I’m using, projects in mid-completion, my box full of completed cards and….Checkers. Seriously, if I put too much on the bed, he just sits his but down and crushes whatever may be in the way (he’s a tad on the chubby side).

And, my Vice President, Paper Cutting. Stripes also supervises Big Shot operation. He’s very dedicated to his job, getting himself right in there for a good look. I keep my paper cutter and big shot on my folded up sewing tables, so their nice and handy when I need them. It works well (even better without the cat).

Thanks, Shopping Our Stash, for the first challenge. I look forward to your first “official” challenge on May 24th.


6 responses to “Shopping Our Stash Challenge

  1. What a great space. I totally agree that things need to be seen to be used. Some of my best creations are from stuff that lands together on the scrap heap.

    Love your helpers. I hope to see more of them. πŸ™‚ Thanks for playing and chatting up our new challenge blog!

  2. AWWW what a great pair of crafting assistants you have there! Too cute. I love how organized your space is too! Thanks for joining us at SOS! I like to have a clean space to work in but it never seems to happen….

  3. I have a cat who loves to sit by my paper cutter! One of these days her tail is going to get in the way in a bad way! Fun space you have! Love the desk with all the drawers! thanks for joining us at SOS!

  4. Great space & I love your little helpers!! Thanks for sharing with us over at SOS πŸ™‚

  5. This space is excellent…love your ink storage, nice and handy to use too…mine are all in a drawer, so I end up just using black because it is in front of me!

  6. You have the most adorable and furriest creative assistants EVER!!! πŸ™‚ So cute! And your crafty space is awesome. Love your ribbon boxes…nothing better than custom made, is there? Super pretty space.

    Thanks so much for joining us gals at SOS this week. Can’t wait to see more from you in future challenges. πŸ™‚

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