A Day for Change

I decided it was time for a few changes on my blog.

The most obvious is probably the look of the blog. I got a little tired of the pale pink, so I’ve adjusted to this new, rich chocolate theme. Do you like it? I love the rounded borders, the stitching on the edges and the orange post tabs. I’m not sure I’ll live with this theme forever, but for now it will stay.

The less obvious change is a name change. I’ve decided to rename my blog to “Lost in the Land of Stamping”. I’ve also updated the url and web address to https://landofstamping.wordpress.com instead of the former Jade’s Corner address.

For now, Jade’s Corner will redirect you here, so I won’t go missing on you, but just to make sure nothing prevents you from coming back and seeing me in the future, I’d appreciate it if you’d update your blog links accordingy.

Thanks for sticking with me,



2 responses to “A Day for Change

  1. Looks great! do I have to update if I sub via email, too?

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