Mojo Monday #181

I really enjoy the Mojo Monday challenges (although not usually on Mondays). They come up up with some great and unique sketches. In my travels this week, I noticed a few blogs where people were doing this weeks sketch. It looked interesting, so I headed over there today to see what’s up.

Fun Fact About Jade #483: I hate wasting stuff. HATE!

I have my scraps nicely organized in several folders and it’s always a dilemma as to whether I throw out that itty bitty square of paper or keep it JUST in case it comes in handy. I’ve gotten better about throwing out stuff, but for the most part, my scrap collection continues to grow.

So, the problem with this week’s Mojo sketch is that background with the two triangles. Because when I take two rectangles of paper and cut them to make the triangles, I’m left with two additional triangles of paper that really aren’t good for much.

But that was only the beginning of the problem with this sketch.

I pretty quickly figured out the design I wanted to use for my card. I just wasn’t sure what color each piece should be. I ended up with two of this, three of that, an extra one of those, which basically means I was creating MORE scraps as I went. And die cut scraps are even hard to find a second use for than a simple square.

I finally finished my first card and decided I was just going to live with the scraps this time. Threw a couple pieces in my craft trash, set a couple more pieces aside. Then….I saw those triangles. And I’m pretty sure they were taunting me.

So, here are the two cards I made with the Mojo Monday Sketch #181. Which one is your favorite?

The first creation...

...and the second creation.

Thanks, Mojo Monday for another great sketch. Despite my complaining, I had great fun with this one.


One response to “Mojo Monday #181

  1. I have issues with scraps, too. Just purged a bunch. I at least have a friend who will take them to punch things out of. I like both cards… I think I prefer the first one, though. The blue bird stands out a bit more than the green one. Yet I prefer the blue/white sentiment to the saffron/blue one. Both are genuinely lovely cards.

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