The Weekend Continues…Saturday

Do you believe that we stamped for almost a whole day and got four cards done? We’re not very efficient when we work together, that’s for sure. Although, we did take a break in the evening to go see The Back-up Plan. I really enjoyed the movie, the company and the popcorn. It was great to see a chick flick, which doesn’t happen when my husband is my date!

Saturday we woke up, found coffee and then settled in for more fun.

The first two cards of the day were a challenge to each other. We each chose a set that we don’t use very often, or struggle to use sometimes, and then we each had to find a card on the Split Coast Stampers gallery to CASE using those sets. That way, we each got to see our set in two different cards.

Tess chose “It’s a Stretch”. I never really appreciated how great this set was until we used it for this challenge. In fact, I loved the set so much, I had to use it again on Sunday (you’ll see that later). Here’s my card using “It’s a Stretch”. I’m not sure who I CASE’d, but whoever you are, thank you very much for your inspiration.

The set I chose was Pendant Park. I loved this set in the catalogue, bought it and then could never really find a time to use it. So, it was time to challenge myself. Here is my Pendant Park card. Again, mucho thank you’s to the person who I CASE’d off of SCS.

You can view both of Tess’ cards on her blog.

I’m starting to lose track of the weekend, but I think after this challenge we did a card tutorial. Here is a Triangle Trifold card. The card is pretty cute, although Tess and I both weren’t sure we liked how the front image didn’t sit flat. Plus, the card size is kind of small, at 3×3. I haven’t yet tried to see if it will fit in my 3×3 envelopes. Love this color combination, though!


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